Cargo Insurance


We provide financial security for all international cargo transports. We identify the risks related to every shipment and offer a structured improvement programme. We work with a local insurance company that is specialised in worldwide cargo insurance and which provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date ‘ all risk’ insurance. We provide the following securities:

Competitive prices

In the field of cargo insurance, you can expect very competitive prices at all times. This is only possible thanks to our leading position and our high cargo volume.

Customer training

Importers or exporters often do not know how to evaluate the consequences when something goes wrong with a shipment. We consider it our responsibility to inform you. We make time to explain your liability in case of international shipments. Together, we look for solutions that best meet your needs.

‘All-risk’ insurance

We understand the business side of international transport. Our insurance policies offer an ‘all-risk’ coverage. They were developed with the risks relating to international trade in mind. E.g. they include comprehensive worldwide cover.

The ease of one partner

Keep it simple. We will also take care of all your paper work: from the submission of your application to drawing up the policies. Collaborating with one partner saves considerable time, simplifies the monitoring and is more cost-effective.

Rapid processing of claims

One telephone call is all it takes. All documentation is within reach. The preparing and handling of claims is quick and effective.


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