Air Cargo


We are a leading player in the air cargo market. This position allows us to develop tailor-made programmes and achieve rapid transit times. You are notified at all times should any changes occur. Because air cargo is not cheap, we take every opportunity to keep costs down. This price advantage is apparent in the final invoice. Our air cargo service includes the following advantages:

Partnership with the biggest airlines

TST/CTN has close working relationships with all major airline companies. We enjoy the best conditions when reserving cargo space. Result? Your goods are shipped at the best prices.


You are looking for a flexible service at a good price. The fact that we understand this is obvious from our choice for the most direct and cheapest flight route.

Competitive prices

Our mission is to deliver your goods via our door-to-door service on time and at the correct destination at the most competitive prices.

Monitored delivery times

We closely monitor every shipment and every flight because this is the only way we can guarantee reliable delivery times.

EDI with the airline companies

To be able to work quickly and efficiently, you need accurate information about your transport order. This is why we are permanently on-line with all main airline companies.

Door-to-door deliveries

We monitor your shipment from departure to destination. The status of your transport order can be requested at all times.


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